Thursday, October 5, 2000

Fleh. I tried to put my quarter in the slot, but it wouldn't go in. It was obvious that there was something in there blocking it up, it looked like a dime and a nickel side by side. Mister Knife and I were able to wiggle them apart and fish them out. Then we pulled three more quarters and two more nickels out, and I still couldn't get my quarter to go in.

What is it with people? Obviously at least three other people had tried to make phone calls. Did any of them make the connection between the trouble they had forcing their change into the slot and the phone's not working? I kept the change I fished out, since they'd already given it up to the phone company. Doug told me once there's some kind of law called "Treasure Trove" where if you find buried treasure and nobody knows who buried it, you can keep it. I figured there's a law called "Laundry Quarters" where if you find the change you need to do laundry and you don't know whose it is, you can keep it.

I called the "repairs" number and told them about it. I didn't leave a note on the phone. I get enough shit from morons already, why should I save them from their own stupidity?

Posted 10/5/2000 4:56:57 PM

Fleh. It would be great if Doug's last name were Benjamin. But it's not. Ha ha.

Posted 10/5/2000 9:59:43 PM

Fleh. Eight months as of tomorrow. And then next week would have been two years as of Wednesday. Laugh all you want, and when I can go back to San Diego without wincing, I'll laugh with you.

Posted 10/5/2000 10:03:36 PM

Friday, October 6, 2000

Fleh. I read an interview with the Dilbert guy where he said that the more he puts in strange stuff, like Phil the prince of insufficient light, the more people write in to him to say "my office is just like that." I think the thing is that everyone laughs at Dilbert because it's "just like that" but they really feel a little better because it's not.

Yeah, well, my job really is just like that. I got in trouble with my boss today because of my desktop background. He said I wasn't being a "team player" because I deleted the fucking stupid corporate logo that looks like a giant phallus on a bad acid trip. He really said it. Team player. Team player. Team player. Team player. I think maybe he reads Dilbert for job tips.

I hate my job.

Posted 10/6/2000 3:48:03 PM

Fleh. But I love Saturday morning cartoons.

And I like having a TV and I like being able to get up early on Saturday and watch the kiddie shows and eat cookie crisp and releive the bright spots of my childhood. And my job paid for my tv and lets me buy cookie crisp. So I like my job!

Hate! Like! Hate! Like! ha ha ha.

Posted 10/6/2000 3:53:53 PM

Fleh. Look, mister boss man! Look what I'm doing from work on your time from your computer with your stupid logo!

Posted 10/6/2000 3:55:55 PM

Saturday, October 7, 2000

Fleh. I was really tempted to whack off when I was watching Pokemon this morning. No, I'm not sexually attacted to Pikachu. It's just like how sometimes when a cop car pulls up next to me at a red light I get tempted to floor it. It's so totally wrong, it's sort of perversely appealing. It's sort of the idea that I could go up to some kid watching the show and whisper to them "you know, some people jerk off to this" and completely ruin it forever for them. I couldn't do it though. That show is just so nonsexual, it wouldn't work.

Posted 10/7/2000 11:52:49 AM



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